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Al Muzaini Recruitment Office Licensed by the Ministry of Labor No. 573,is based on a Saudi vision. We specialize in the field of manpower recruitment. We strive for the highest professional standards. We seek to innovate in the field of human resources recruitment services. We focus on achieving constructive results in ...

The individuals

We provide all the cadres needed by the sector of personnel from the trained labor of a domestic worker, a cook, a home farmer, a private driver, a nanny and more labor required Of different nationalities at competitive prices and in accordance with the conditions of the Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia

The business sector

We are engaged in the recruitment of workers at various professional levels from different countries We provide the high competencies of the various professions needed by the business sector, human cadres professionally trained and professional at the highest level,

Mediation in recruitment

Coordination between us and our partners in international offices and our office and selection of CVs of human cadres with training and quality work Where it completes the recruitment procedures for our customers We are interested in providing distinguished service through continuous communication and follow up with customers until the required manpower reaches

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Working hours: Morning from 9 to 1 /Evening from 5 to 9

Riyadh - Al - Maseef Road Abu Bakr Al - Siddiq Road

0114728888 - 0553227233